We declare our commitment to protect the environment in the conduct of our activities.

We will continue to pursue and improve company environmental performance with the same diligence we pursue financial, health and safety performance. We are committed to pollution prevention and responsible environmental stewardship.

We will:

  • Design, construct, operate,and close our mining and related support facilities considering the needs of the environment, our local community, and our shareholders while conforming with applicable environmental laws, regulations, and agreements.
  • Establish sound environmental goals consistent with continuous improvement and sustainable growth and development and resource conservation.
  • Maintain a continuous dialogue with stakeholders to address environmental concerns.
  • Provide environmental training to our employees and contractors to include information on environmental permits, regulations, and best management practices within their area of control.
  • Promote accountability for environmental performance at all levels of the organization to hold our employees and contractors accountable for compliance with requirements of environmental permits, regulations, and best practices within their area of control.
  • Evaluate and recognize employee, company, and contractor environmental performance.
  • Foster a culture where every employee is encouraged to adopt responsible environmental stewardship in his or her daily activities. Furthermore, we encourage our employees and business partners to incorporate this ethic in their homes and communities.
  • Foster a culture where all employees are responsible for immediately reporting any non-conformance conditions or conditions that could reasonably lead to non-conformance.
  • Communicate this policy to our employees, customers, contractors and suppliers, and ensure that it is available to the public.